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In the present times, time is valuable and distances are ever increasing. Yet it is imperative for organizations and enterprises throughout the world to reduce costs and continue communications. They are therefore turning to Audio conferencing as a powerful tool to collaborate and grow.

Audio Conferencing helps a business being:

  • Cost effective - Reduce traveling and facility expenses
  • Easy to use - Access easy-to-use interfaces
  • Versatile and mobile - Handy when important decisions need to be made and meetings need to be moved or re-scheduled
  • Reliable and secure - With configurable security codes, blocking any outside calls during a meeting helps keep meetings secure and uninterrupted
  • Time saving - Train and interact with multiple people in a shorter timeframe

Call Connect Salient features

  • Instant access from any landline or mobile phone
  • Hassle free booking
  • Schedule normal and recurring conferences from your account
  • Include up to 100 participants in a conference call
  • Retrieve your completed conferences
  • Mute / un-mute your own line or participant lines
  • Call Detail Records
  • Instant and easy Sign-Up
  • Quick conference updates via SMS & emails
  • High quality servers
  • Crystal clear digital sound
  • Always available – 24x7

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